VIDEO: Hundreds of Issaquah Students and Parents Rally for Reopening Schools

Parents of Issaquah public school students held a rally Wednesday, pushing for schools to reopen.

Northshore School District Parents Frustrated Over Slow Return to In-person Learning

While many school districts have returned or have announced plans to return to in-person learning, the Northshore School District has yet to do either. BOTHELL, Wash - Monday was another day of double duty for Krysta Wogen, who is playing both mom and teacher to her kids who attend the Northshore School District in Bothell.

As Other School Districts Open, Seattle Remains Split on Returning to Classrooms

Seattle Public Schools, the first urban school system in the country to close due to the coronavirus, is now among the last to reopen to a broader set of students as parents, administrators and teachers across a city split along complicated fault lines.

Teachers Union Should Soften Vaccine Stance to Encourage Safe In-person Instruction

Dr. Anthony Fauci assures it can be done safely. Washington schools chief Chris Reykdal is threatening to withhold federal funds from school districts that don't have plans to do it. And Gov. Jay Inslee repeatedly urges districts to get students back in school in safe, proven ways.

Oak Harbor is Biggest Western Washington School District to Resume In-person Learning

The Oak Harbor School District brought all grades back to classrooms on Tuesday, with pandemic protocols in place. OAK HARBOR, Wash. - About 2,900 middle and high school students in the Oak Harbor School District returned to in-person learning for the first time in 11 months on Tuesday.

With a Slow Return to School Buildings, Cameras in Washington Classrooms Aren’t Going Away. What to Do?

Lights. Camera. Fractions? The COVID-19 pandemic has turned teachers into videographers and content creators. To teach at a distance, they're filming themselves, futzing with their backgrounds, perfecting their lighting. But it's hard to keep up the enthusiasm when your audience looks like a sea of black boxes.

A Lost Generation of Learners

Washington’s tudents, especially those most vulnerable, are suffering because of school districts' failure to reopen classrooms. Leaders need to act: Move teachers up on the priority list for COVID-19 vaccinations - but only if schools resume in-person learning now. Even if the state's approximately 153,000 public school employees are fast-tracked for vaccination, it will take weeks to inoculate all of them.

How much Learning have Washington Students Missed? THE STATE DOESN’T KNOW

There's little information on how students are faring academically, or how this grand experiment in online learning disrupted instruction. It matters to public schools because, after enrollment declines this year, districts could lose millions of tax dollars. And more parents...

Judge Denies Bellevue School District Request to Order Teachers Back into Classrooms

Teachers fear spiking coronavirus infections as the district calls 2nd graders back to in-person school. BELLEVUE, Wash. - The battle between the Bellevue School District and its teachers over returning to the classroom went to court.

We Are Ready to Get Students Back in Classrooms

As students and staff returned to school from the holiday break, there were just over 100 days left in the current school year. With mandatory safety measures such as masks and physical distancing strictly enforced in our schools, along with a little help and cooperation from our communities, it is possible to safely return to in-person learning.

A Needed Legislative Push to Get Kids in Classrooms

If public school districts won't follow Washington's Department of Health guidelines for in-person instruction, state lawmakers should make the decision for them. Senate Bill 5037 seeks to do just that.

Parents in Snoqualmie Valley School District Rally to Reopen Schools

SNOQUALMIE VALLEY, Wash. - Parents in the Snoqualmie Valley School District rallied Monday, urging the district to reopen schools and start in-person learning.